Sam Lee

Sarah Lee

Our approach is simple.  Good food. The kind that makes you feel good inside. Or rocks your memory and takes you to a place of joy, a taste of home or of family.  That is our passion and main focus when it comes to creating food for our clients.


We have a great appreciation for food and understand the ability of what food can do.  Food can heal, bring families together, make you feel as though you were back in your hometown or as though you were in a fine-dining restaurant.  Food is fuel, energy, an escape or a journey. We're here to help you with whatever food is to you. 


What food means to us - love.  It's our love of food and family that helps us create food that will leave you with a memorable taste.

We are a husband and wife team, dedicated to sharing our love of food with others.

 We specialize in Hawaiian and "island style" cuisine, but are available to cater just about anything.  Don't see what you want? Just ask!

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